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About Us



TRANS-AMERICA OIL & GAS is a global supplier and trader of pipe and steel products and services, specializing in line

pipe, standard pipe, OCTG, Conduit and structural products. 

TRANS-AMERICA OIL & GAS is a steel pipe technical and trading company, established & registered in Riverside, Ca. The

team established by entrepreneurs with 30 years of combined experience for manufacture and selling

steel pipe and associated services for the Oil & Gas Industry. Partnering with us means more than just

implementing a purchase. When you choose TRANS-AMERICA OIL & GAS, you are hiring a team of experts with a deep

understanding of your industry and your particular needs.

Our comprehensive inventory of pipe and steel mills enable us to fulfill your requirements with

immediate availability for a wide range of pipe sizes and grades. TRANS-AMERICA OIL & GAS can cater to your needs ranging

from small diameter light-wall steel pipe to large diameter heavy-wall X-grade line pipe, as well as

standard and structural products.

TRANS-AMERICA OIL & GAS serves customers in over 20 industries across the globe including wholesale and distribution,

petroleum, water supply, utilities, transportation and infrastructure, power and alternative energy,

natural resources, general construction and beyond.