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The B610CFHL2,B610CFHL4 high strength(Q&T)steel plate with low sensitive to welding crack are successfully developed and can be used to construct and manufacture of large-scale hydropower station(such as penstock,spiral case and bifurcated pipe in hydropower station).The lowest service temperatures of those plate are -20 degrees or -40 degrees respectively. Currently the available thickness is from 10mm to 100mm.Higher strength steel plates,such as B690CFHL2, B690CFHL4,B780CFHL2 and B780HL2 can be available for the construction of hydropower station.

Grade: B610CFHL2, B610CFHL4

Thickness (mm): 10~60

Lower Yield Strength:




Tensile Strength:




Elongation %:


Impact Test (transverse):

Temperature : -20

Impact Energy  J:


Temperature : -40
Impact Energy  J:


Bend Test:
a=Thickness for test piece
b=Width for test piece
d=Inside Diameter

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